Parental Control AppThere are a variety of mobile parental control apps on the market, so which one is the best? Why should I choose PhoneSheriff over the rest? PhoneSheriff is a choice mobile monitoring software for so many reasons. Users who have this system all agree that PhoneSheriff provides numerous advanced features that leaves no stone left unturned. That means there is nothing this app can’t monitor.

PhoneSheriff was the first parental control app to support Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Android platforms. They have high standards, and provide their customers with the most advanced technology possible. PhonSheriff has gained numerous media appearances in magazines, radio, and web sites all around the world.

If that isn’t enough reason to choose this monitoring system for all your needs, then here are some more.

USA based phone support

This software believes in ensuring high quality to their customers. Their support team is ready to help with any questions that you may have. The support team is located in the USA, and they are ready to help step you through any problems you may encounter.

Secure control panel

PhoneSheriff Control Panel

PhoneSheriff believes in protecting their customer’s private information. None of your information will be available for outside sources to access. This software uses an online control panel to keep all logs in, and you are the only one who has access to it. The control panel is password protected, and very secure.

Trust a US based company founded in 2003

This US based company has been providing for their customers monitoring needs since 2003. Plus, they are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which provides you with the assurance that they are a legit cell phone monitoring company

No hidden SMS forwarding costs.

Other monitoring systems use SMS forwarding to provide you with logs. This can leave you paying double for each message sent, which can really increase your phone bill if you do not have an unlimited texting plan. PhoneSheriff uploads all logs to the online control panel, where you can view them from any internet ready device. To learn more about the specific features PhoneSheriff offers, please check out this in-depth review:

Some of the Features Included:

  • Block any number that you do not approve of.
  • Set up time frames that the phone and its features can be used.
  • Record all messaging that is sent or received.
  • Log all call information and the duration of each call.
  • Send commands from a remote location.
  • Do a complete data wipe out.
  • Access logs from any internet ready device.
  • Ability to block apps and websites.