Facebook monitoring is a feature that is offered by many advanced mobile spy software. This feature allows the account holder to see all the user’s Facebook activity. Without the help of a spy software, user’s will be able to dictate which activity is seen by you.

Why You Should Monitor Your Employees

Monitor Employees

Why is Facebook monitoring an important part of tracking a user’s cell phone activity? We live in an age where everyone has this constant need to be connected. While we may be sitting in a room full of people, we become very consumed with the digital outlets that are available to us.

This has proved to be a problem for many employers, because their employees are no longer being productive during work hours. Lots of companies offer cell phones to their employees for work purposes. If this is the case, the employer can install a monitoring system on the cell phone before issuing it to their employee.

A spy software can really benefit an employer because they will be able to track their employee’s when they work off-site. Employers will also have the ability to block apps, set up alerts, ensure employee’s are not leaking company information through phone conversations, emails, or chats.

Best of all, employers will ensure their employees are not posting during business hours. Many companies make it a rule that employees are not allowed to post on social media sites during business hours, nor can they say anything negative about the company on a post. Without it, employers will never know if this rule is truly being followed. There are so many more features a good spy software can offer to employers.

Overview of Features That Are Offered By Most Softwares:

Online Monitoring – Receive a detailed log of web sites that the user has visited. Log’s are accessible through the online control panel. You will get detailed information about how often the site was visited, duration of visit, downloads or uploads, as well as dates and times each site was visited.

View ActivitiesAll social media activities through popular platforms, such as Facebook, Skype, and MySpace can be accessed. Some softwares will give you a keystrokes account, and you can send a command to take screenshots..

Restrict Applications – Account holders have the ability to block access to any app installed on the monitored device. This is a great tool because you can ensure they are not accessing apps or websites that are not approved. Contacts can be blocked as well.

Live Monitoring – Some monitoring softwares will all you to access the phone and view the surroundings of the device.

Messaging – All text, instant messaging, and social media messages can be obtained.

Phone Conversations – A log of all incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Remote Commands – Silent commands can be sent, as well as the ability to remotely shutdown the phone at any given time.

If Facebook is a problem among your employee’s, then you need a spy software that has the Facebook spy feature. With the right software in place, you will get the productivity you have been wanting .