In 2002 there were only a handful of parental control products on the market. Most of those revolved around Internet filtering and didn’t provide parents with the access control tools or monitoring capabilities that would become so important in today’s online environment.

With the advent of social bookmarking sites like my and online video sites like you, along with the proliferation of instant messaging, un moderated chat rooms, and the explosion in Internet pornography, being online today is very different for a child than it was just a few years ago.

Things are much different today. The Internet has become a haven for online pedophiles, and Internet sexual predators according to the FBI. With so many children it now spending more time online than they do watching television, many parents feel a loss of control over their children and their online activities.

To make matters worse, teenagers will go to great lengths to keep in their online conversations, instant messages and chat sessions secret, mistakenly believing that it’s none of their parents business what they do online or who they talk to.

Born from a personal need to help a friend monitor his teenage son, Parental Control Products, LLC launched its first Internet monitoring software; PC Tattletale in 2004.

The award-winning PC tattletale parental control and Internet monitoring software has gone on to win awards and accolades throughout the industry and the thanks and gratitude of thousands and thousands of parents worldwide.

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